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112 Pages Plus Cover · 60# White Offset ·
7 x 9 Inches · 7.7 Ounces · Perfect Bind · Softback Cover

Conversaciones Contemporáneas en Castellano is a collection of fifty dialogues with a three-part grammar analysis section after each conversation. Written in Spain, often in collaboration with native speakers, the dialogues in this book reflect the spoken language of Spaniards in every-day situations, introducing the student to current Spanish idioms and vocabulary. This text is an excellent resource for teachers who wish to accomplish these goals:

  1. Encourage active student participation in the classroom by acting out the dialogues in groups.
  2. Analyze sentence structure and verb usage.
  3. Expose students to authentic conversational Spanish from Spain.

View an example of a dialogue.

Conversaciones Contemporáneas en Castellano is the ultimate supplementary tool for the teacher at the Advanced Conversation Level.

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